Friday, August 24, 2012

Selling a Home in the Fall

Here comes Fall!
Nothing beats New England in the Fall and if you're selling your home, it's a prime time to take advantage of the gorgeous colors, the outdoor spaces, and the ambiance of the coming holidays.
No matter how gorgeous we believe our homes are decorated, statistics tell us that buyers want to see the home, not the decorations. Still not a believer? Think your home is the exception? 

Halloween is my favorite holiday! 
But when selling your home, holidays should be a whisper, not a yell.
Do buyers want to see cemetery headstones in the yard of their new home?
Do buyers want to see bloody hands in the windows on the porch?
What if your buyer doesn't celebrate Christmas? Or Hanukkah? Or whatever? 
Will they be able to see themselves in the space?
Too much clutter and decorating signals to buyers that you are NOT in a hurry to move. If you have children and you think they will be devastated if  you do not decorate, you are mistaken. It's all in the delivery. Children react to how you deliver the message.
Tell your kids:
"Let's think about how we'll decorate our new house and keep our things packed and ready!"
"Remember we are moving soon so let's bake some fun treats together instead!"

The best plan for transitioning to Fall is to keep it simple, un-cluttered, with neutral colors.

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