Monday, June 4, 2012

Home Staging Hot List: Positive Energy!

Okay don't run away, this isn't going to be a post about the law of attraction and how you can meditate your way to a fast home sale. However, there is more to it than we might realize and I've seen it enough times to know that there is major momentum in positive energy.

As a result of my post last night, I started feeling a little discouraged about my interactions in my job. I know that staging your home absolutely works and the fact is, it is the simple act of merchandising a product. When you are selling your home, your home becomes a product. Yet, let's face it, there is a ton of emotional baggage that needs to be addressed when you're moving. The stress of a new place, a new mortgage, wanting new furniture, settling the kids or dogs, and a million more.

Here's the thing; I have, so many times, gone into a home where the negative energy could be cut with a knife. 
I hear things like :
  • We have no money.
  • I don't have time to move anything.
  • We have no place to store anything.
  • My spouse doesn't think this is going to help.
  • On and on and on
 These negative thoughts are bringing you down and the vibe is absolutely reflected in your home.

I love houses. I like the old, the crusty, the new, the future, whatever the house style- I love it. 
And you once loved your house too, that's why you bought it. You saw the potential, you saw yourself living a better life. So when it comes time to sell, regardless of your current situation, you must find those attributes you once loved in your home and bring those warm and fuzzies back out to shine.

How do you start? Think back about your first visit. What did you say about the entrance?
Did you love the porch?

Did you love the view?

Did you love the open floor plan?

Pictured the kids/dogs playing in the yard?

These are the triggers that will help your new buyer fall in love with all the 
things you saw when purchased your home.

Trust me, I know how easy it is to get caught up in the wanting to move on and start fresh in a new home full of potential but, let's make sure we don't forget to be thankful and gracious for the things in our life
here and now. 
And I know for some, there is a long road ahead.

Starting to pack is the first best step! Buyers like to see that your motivated to go and they don't mind seeing boxes stored in your garage or basement. 
Packing also stirs up the energy in your house and tells the universe,
"I intend to move!"
So get packing and change your channel to:
  • "I can afford it"
  • I'm excited to pack and think about where my things will go in my new home"
  • It would be nice to donate some things to charity instead of trying to make a few bucks.
  • Let's do this together!
  • Good things come to me!

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