Thursday, May 31, 2012

Home Staging Hot List: Fireplace Focal Point

Your home is for sale and you have a showing! At this point, you can assume that the buyers have viewed your interior photos online and lucky for you- you made the cut. Now it's time to seal the deal. Each home has what I call the "priority rooms"  which are:
  1. The Family Room
  2. The Kitchen
  3. The Master Bedroom
Yes, other rooms are absolutely important however, these rooms tend to have the highest expectations from buyers. Packing these rooms full of "wow factor" should be top priority.
The family room is usually the first priority room on the tour and here is where we find a huge opportunity for a focal point, a hot button for your potential buyer!
It's the fireplace! 
This is one element in the home that can be transformed into a MAJOR wow 
with some very inexpensive tactics.
 Clean and simple is key. No personal photos, no half burnt Yankee candles, just 
simple groupings work best.

 Mirrors are great but make sure you check out what is in the reflection when you enter the room. Keep it soft and make sure your art is neutral. By neutral, I mean, it doesn't tell a story about you. For example, religion, family, hobbies (like your beetle collection).
 Keep the inside of the fireplace clean and looking ready to go with a neat little 
stack of new birch logs.
The candle thing in my opinion is not a great idea. It brings the question of whether or not the fireplace works and also, they usually look like a waxy mess. - Just go with logs.

 People love seeing live plants and flowers in the family room. 
It gives a sense of life and good energy.
Little topiary are great on the mantle. I'm not big on faux plants here, especially faux sun flowers and ferns. They get dusty and honestly, they're dated. (sorry) If you love sunflowers, buy the real ones- those are great.

TVs definitely work above the fireplace as long as all of the furniture is not directly pointed to it. Keep it clean and be careful to demonstrate how the room will be used.

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What's above your fireplace?

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