Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Mixin' It Up In the Kitchen: Design Trends

Kitchen design has never been busier for us than lately. Those who do not plan on moving to a new home  are using some daring, new finishes, mixing colors and going BIG with amazing countertop selections. And for those who are selling, it's so nice to see new construction moving along and units we stage are selling within 30 days of staging!(Our recent model sold in the first week and sold out all 6 units in 3 weeks!)

Here's a peek at what our clients are asking for in the world of kitchens:

MIXING GRAY AND WHITE- Transitional with vintage accents is top o' the list!
And honorable mention to using lanterns in the kitchen.
 (via Greige Design)



COUNTERTOPS: Mix-in it up with Carrera Marble. 
Okay- I know, I hear it everytime, "It stains". 
Here's the thing, when you want it, you want it. I have it in my kitchen and I have plenty of clients that do too and they love it. I have not had any issues on my kitchen counter and it makes me happy every single time I look at it. The kids eat at this counter every single day- juice, fruit, PB&J's, papers, mail, handbags and even a Sharpie(marker) encounter at least once a week. It's all good- this is life. 
I did do gray quartz on the sink side of the kitchen just in case. ;) 

(my kitchen counter)
 Mixin' it up with black.

 via Houzze

INDUSTRIAL MEETS MODERN: Mixing stainless with a rough stone.
Honorable mention: Rachel Halvorsen designed this kitchen(below) and this unbelievable light fixture.
If you haven't visited her blog, please do, because this girl is the real deal. She is gorgeous, stylish and talented to boot! I dare to say that she is my favorite design blog because she doesn't just plug in the" trend du jour" and call it design, she knows just how to execute what's trendy, make it look fresh, and- she's a Designer that actually designs things! She rocks.

GLAZED CABINETS: The distressed look- mix it up!
(Not your average) BRASS CABINET HARDWARE!
Go ahead and make that face but mark my word, if you don't want it already, you will.
I'm not talking about that brass...
Yes, you know it.
via Sasha Seymour's kitchen House and Home Mag.
Brass kickplates too! Um yes please. Lacquer cabinets + antique brass= so MAJOR.

Check out Violet Slipper's Etsy store for some fun finds. Mix it up!

Another accoutrement for the kitchen that can set you apart from the rest is,
My current obsession is copper, but any unique vent hood with the proper scale is a good idea in my book.


Zinc hood and LOVE those beams!

We've seen the lantern lighting going strong but if you're not into it, from industrial to vintage mod- 
lighting is a major player.

Good ole Hicks pendants.I first saw these back in 2011 via Nicole Cohen of Sketch 42 and had to have immediately. Now we see them popping everywhere and I do love them so.
I'd love a vintage version of these or something equally fabulous. (If you find them- please share!!)
I'm so inspired by Rachel's lighting (up ^) that I want to design my own pendant lighting with some vintage lanterns or antique brass chain link or some found industrial object + nautical rope.

Another tried and true,

What's your favorite trend? 
Are you getting ready for a kitchen update?
 (Bueller? No one ever comments ;) 
Have a great day ya'll!



  1. Luckily, despite the fact that we may be wishing for something different at home does not mean we can't also learn to love our homes just as they are today.

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    1. Thanks so much for your comment! I agree and feel free to visit our other blog www.Stay-Blog.com for topics on staying (this blog is about moving and staging) and being happy where you are. As you know, it's so easy to get sucked in to all of the fabulous designs and I'm thankful everyday for having such a fun job!

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    1. Gee thanks for your comment, since we don't live in the UK, I guess people here the North East USA will just have to decide if I'm the designer for them. Our target market of builder clients and home sellers are looking for a great look without blowing out the bank and we've had an enormous amount of success. I'll be sure to check out how fabulous you are. Best of luck!