Monday, February 13, 2012

Home Selling Must Haves: Home Staging Hot List

With the spring market around the corner, it seems like everyone is full throttle towards whipping that house into shape. Over the next few weeks we will be posting on the "must have's" for putting your best foot forward in the real estate market this year. Keep checking back for our "Hot List" updates. (or sign up for updates!)


An Entry way SHOW STOPPER!

Putting your best forward begins at the door and the first thing on the list is a great front door. Even if your door is lacking luster, get out the paint and get that front door shining!

For those of you that just cannot resist the URGE to personalize that door. Keep in mind your potential home buyers probably do not share your last name initial therefore, instead go for personalization for your house instead of your family.
Help with Numbers

This year we are seeing bright colors and pattern making a huge impact in the design arena. Staging a house and using lots of color can be really tricky so if you are just dying to paint that door a color, keep in mind that color is a preference. Our recommendation would be black or gray.

mayyyybe a cheery yellow...if you must

Get a great planter, urns are probably our favorite

These lions are really great but keep the porch accoutrements to a minimum when selling!
This door is fabulous but power wash those steps!!

And last but not least...TAKE DOWN THAT CHRISTMAS DECOR!!
(remember; holiday decor is okay in moderation only if the holiday has not yet passed ;)

Stay tuned for our next hot list item

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