Friday, April 20, 2012

Home Staging Hot List: "Ah"-worthy Entry Table

Assuming your potential buyer has just passed through your show stopping entryway, they're primed and ready to experience the next turn on the emotional roller coaster of house hunting. This turn takes them right into a FABULOUS entry table. This table can tell quite a story about your home's confidence.

"You had me at hello"
Simple styling with fresh flowers ( faux flowers are a post all on their own) will 
certainly put a potential home buyer in their happy place. 

Rugs in the entry can make the area look smaller however, upholstered seats tucked neatly 
under are a "YES" and can add some visual interest without taking up visual space. 
See how if the rug was removed in this photo...

...the area would look much bigger. 

If you're going to do a rug, keep it neutral.
Large mirrors behind the table are a great way to reflect light and make a space seem larger.

 The objective in home staging is for the decor in the home to reflect the buyer's lifestyle. 
What better way for a buyer to see themselves living in the home? A mirror!- Brilliant!

(btw, that Cabinet of Curiosities book in the photo here is out of print and worth a lot of money so if you have one, don't put a vase on it ;)

Remember that boots and shoes in the entry can call attention to a lack of storage, so if they are out, style them and make them part of the story.

Even the smallest spaces can have a moment.

Groupings of wall art are a great way to add a design element in a lack luster space.

Antiques and staging are not always friendly with each other.
Ornate, antique tables may be better with a pop of color.

Don't have any wall space for a table?
This flea market coffee table was re-purposed into a  welcoming bench!

Or perhaps you have room for both a table and seating?

Whatever your space, keep it clean and purposeful and you'll be in good shape. 
Also, keep in mind that personal photos are a "no-no" on the entry table. 
Think about giving potential buyers a hotel-style welcome that hits those 
emotional buttons and reflects the lifestyle they are hoping to attain.

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