Saturday, February 21, 2009

Going green doesn't have to mean expensive new technology forced on home builders. Home builders and consumers are not always in a position to be able to afford trendy, eco-friendly, components. However, the consumer can see the value in a more efficient product and will weigh the benefits of short and long term cost savings.  
If you build it, will they buy?

The answer still lies in Place, Product, Price.
•Who is your target market? (ah yes, the key to the universe)
The marketing twist: Not only is the 2009 Buyer asking "Why buy from you?"

The 2009 Buyer wants to know, "How does it pay to buy from you?"
Builders can use these rebates to not only "green" their new homes- but also green their own wallets. $$

New Hampshire Summary:

Residential Grants: PSNH - Energy Rewards RFP Program

Rebates: There are many! visit the goodtobegreen website page to see the list of 19 programs
Residential Grants:
KeySpan Energy Delivery: Building Practices and Demonstration Program

Yes, I know- alot of (not so fun to read) information however, there are thousands of dollars to be had in rebates for new construction homes so why not take advantage?
Want to get more involved in going green? Be our guest at the next member meeting of Emerging Green Builders of Boston

If you have any new "green" projects coming up- let us know! You could be featured on a tour by the EGB group.
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