Saturday, January 23, 2010

Why is a model home important ?

A model home is a silent salesperson. Merchandising is simply a way of packaging your product to your targeted market. Models are intended to influence home buyers by reinforcing their lifestyle desires, creating memory points and triggering their emotional hot buttons. 
This creates a sense of urgency in the buyer and solidifies their decision in choosing the Builder.

Today's buyer can be considered a "be back" on their first visit if you consider over 90% of buyers will have seen the home online first. A typical buyer will look at 50 homes, starting online, weeding out which homes they want to tour in person. Once the buyer walks in the door of your house, you can assume you've made it to their "top" list of homes they are considering for purchase. You have a matter of minutes to sell this buyer.

A model home should do the following: 

- Is an extension of your marketing and brand
- Demonstrates how the home will live
- Draws ties to the community
- Implements forward thinking design according to absorption rate
- Increases the perceived value of your product
- Identifies with the target market through style, function and memory points.
Interior decorators typically work for individuals to buy furnishings for creating a living space that fits their client.
Professional merchandisers understand the dynamics of real estate and target markets. We merchandise to the masses within a targeted market, highlight the features of the home without over-decorating, and create continuity within a marketing strategy.

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