Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Secret to Selling in the Winter

Here we find yet another year passing and winter knocking at the front door. For those of us not selling our home, we can breathe a sigh of relief in knowing that it doesn't really matter where we kick off our winter boots this season. For those of you that are selling your home, it can be a little extra work to stay organized through the winter. With that said, I have some great winter staging tips to share and it's no secret, they work!! So get moving!!

There are 2 key points to remember when you are selling. 

Your placement of "stuff" demonstrates how you use the space.
What does that mean?

As we live in our homes, with kids and dogs and jobs and stuff, we tend to use our spaces in whatever way works best for us. This use of space is great when we are just living. I love this photo below via The Marion House Blog because in the article, this mudroom is the family's favorite room in the house. 
I see 100 rooms just like this every year. This room is full of life and totally works for the family.

When you're selling, these favorite rooms can tell a little too much about how what's working and not working as far as the functionality in our home. Think of it this way;
The potential buyer has this same room in their current house. They are looking for a new house that eliminates the disfunction and makes life easier, more organized and functional for a busy lifestyle. 

They are looking at Houzz and Pinterest and Restoration Hardware catalogs and here is what they see...

Get a similar look:

This is what they want.

You want to demonstrate how your potential buyer wants to live!

And sometimes, the story you are telling may not be accurate.
Piles of boots/shoes by the back door can tell the buyer there is a lack of storage 
when actually, you may have lots of storage.

Get it together

Whether it's the mudroom, the office or the kitchen, start with getting a designated place for every day items. If you do not use them everyday, the items should go stored in a closet elsewhere. 
Or, start packing it up for that matter! Buyers like to see a motivated seller.
Ikea, Target and any big box store has a storage system that can work.

I love adding a fun wallpaper in storage areas.
Black and white stripes or maps!


Selling a home is inconvenient. Stage it to sell fast.

The good news is that staging your home will help your home sell faster. That means less time on the market and less inconvenience for you. The more you fight it and make excuses like 
"Buyers need to understand we are living here..."
...the longer the pain.

So, start boxing up those summer shoes and bathing suits!
Get organized and get moving! 

(and don't even think about dragging out that holiday decor ;)

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