Thursday, March 14, 2013

Design Diaries

The quiet months of winter are CLEARLY behind us and now begins the insanity of springtime in this segment of my business. Taking the time to peruse Pinterest for inspiring photos to post about, or blogging about favorite products is so far removed from the time management radar, I'm actually too exhausted to even worry about it. The fact is, my week is so hilarious and the clients I meet are so accommodating, grateful and hopeful, I have decided to just blog about the week in review.

Staging a home does not always produce a magazine quality photo opp. Our day to day business involves working with real people, kids, dogs, old furniture, too much of this or that and VERY busy lives. Many times, the hard work, sweat, and exhausting investment of the homeowner goes unnoticed to the buyer. However, we know the truth. And when the house sells right away, it is a the best feeling on earth.
Wonder what it's like to be in our shoes? Here ya go...

Sunday Mar 10th 2013
Windham, NH
Checked in on client renovation. Selected flooring option for entry hall & chose a Candice Olson wallpaper for powder room. It's gonna be awesome.

 Monday: Mar 11, 2013
South Windsor Connecticut
Backstory: Staged a senior living condo that has been on the market vacant for a few months with no offers. Now that it's staged, we'll have to see what happens.

Tuesday: Mar 12, 2013
Chelmsford, MA
Homeowner consultation. This busy couple has a young baby and 2 cats in a townhouse they have outgrown. Time to get a storage unit, pack up all the extraneous stuff and show perspective buyers how much room they'll have when they buy the place!

Westford, MA, list price $500-600k
New construction visit. Staging consult, measure, floor plan, select paint colors.

COMING Soon! (Monday actually)

Andover, MA list price $4 Million
Homeowner Staging Consultation. Jen and I have exciting plans for this home.This is a unique property that requires well appointed furnishings. When staging, it's so important to use furnishings the potential buyer can identify with. What will we do?? Guess you'll have to wait and see!

Oh and at 11pm I got around to designing the 4 cakes that will be served at our event this Saturday
Yes- I'm totally designed out.

Wednesday: Mar 13, 2013
Concord, MA list price $1.4 Million
Vacant house staging consultation. Floor plan, measure. (COMING SOON-Staging next week!)

Newton, MA list price $900-1M
Homeowner Staging Consultation (Staging next week)
Okay this was my favorite of the week! I absolutely love these ambitious home sellers. They have a spanish style home, Asian furnishings, all nicely situated in Newton Mass!! ?? Not your average mix. ;)
Oh and did I mention it's Spanish 1970's?
From the minute I stepped in the door, they were ready to go. We moved tables, took down art, re-arranged furniture and selected paint colors. My favorite part was when I suggested tearing off the decorative trim along the top of the kitchen cabinets, OH it was on! (or off rather)
No time wasted here! I seriously love this guy. Can't wait to see the results. Stay tuned...

Tomorrow, I'm off to the studio, a Framingham, MA appointment and rehearsal for my 400 guest party on Sat. Just another crazy week in life of a working mom & wife. xoxo

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