Friday, January 25, 2013

Stage Your Success: Coffee Table Styling

Every time I do a staging consultation for a homeowner selling their home, the family room tends to draw out the most questions:

"What should I put on the wall?" Where should the t.v. really go?"
"How should the furniture be arranged?" "What about the fireplace?"

It's true that the family room is a major player in the house and it needs to demonstrate how the new buyer will function in and use the space. The details of t.v. placement and furniture is important because we all have those pieces in common. But after the arrangements have been made and the players are in position, it's time to style the space. The coffee table can be a great way to polish your room and although we are not selling the "things" in the house, a well styled table can pack an emotional punch that says:

"Oh I love that!"
A pile of remotes, old magazines and a dusty bottom shelf are not going to cut it in the selling arena. Here are some tips for making the coffee table, the center of everyone's attention. 

Use a tall object such as a vase or hurricane candle. Orchids work great because they are inexpensive and look super chic.

Invest in a few good coffee table books. They look fabulous and the best part is that many of them go out of print and are worth big bucks! 
(Save the original box!! I learned that one the hard way.)  

Albertus Seba's Cabinet of Natural Curiosities is a hugely popular book in the design world. Originally sold for $125 and now worth over $700 !!
 $1,000 new in box! So get to it- it's an investment

Use some fresh greenery. Live flowers, plants or topiary type greens bring life to the room. Faux flowers can look dated and dusty very easily so if the budget doesn't allow for fresh flowers, go for an inexpensive plant in a pretty little pot.


Use a tray to group items and show some empty space on the table. 

Display a glass or shiny, reflective object.

Add some color!  
A colorful book or vase goes a long way against a neutral backdrop.

 You don't have to have expensive tables to make a big statement. These Ikea tables cost around $12 each but look like a million bucks with some good styling.

Remember, it's not about selling the "things" but, there are dollars in the details. Compliment your house with styled hot spots and keep your potential buyer in their happy place with lots of "Oohs and Ahhs."

(all photos via Pinterest except my Natural Curiosities book photo)

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