Saturday, February 21, 2009

Getting stuck in the "nice house" syndrome.

How to avoid the "nice house syndrome"

These photos are from a NH home and are a great example of how we live in our home differs from how we must market and sell our home. This is a formal dining room which needed to be defined as such.

The "Nice Home Syndrome" is what we at New England Home Staging call it when your home gets showing activity, the Buyer feedback states " Nice House, we're going to keep it on our list and think about it", yet they leave and you never hear from them again. And the most frustrating thing is, the feedback from the showing is ALWAYS GOOD!
How do you know what to fix when your feedback is always good?
We find this is the most common syndrome in our long list of clients needed some fine tuning.
These Sellers have decluttered and depersonalized, they have repaired and conditioned yet still they find themselves without an offer on their home.
How can you improve your home based on the feedback if the Buyer never has any negative remarks or constructive criticism??
Here are a few of the tactics we use to bring quick, inexpensive, solutions to this common dilemma;

  • Spatially define each room by the room's original purpose. (Using a pool table in the dining room is great if you are not selling, but when selling- we need to see a dining room setting.)
  • Know the demography of your Buyer. What will likely be their age, their style, their likes and dislikes? Playing up to their "likes" will surely help them identify with the home. This creates an emotional connection. We have a secret strategy for mastering this. :)
  • Keep small projects to a MINIMUM. What may be tiny things here and there, add up to " Let's keep it on the list and maybe come back to it after we've seen a few other homes"
  • Pay CLOSE attention to the last area the Buyer will likely see in the home. This is typically the basement. Often times we make the upstairs fabulous but leave the basement as a dumping ground. A good impression is important however, create a lasting impression by making the basement, or the last area the Buyer sees, complimentary to the best parts of the house.

Give us a call to find out how you can move from the "nice house syndrome" to SOLD.

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