Thursday, August 15, 2013

Before & After: Home Staging in CT

We recently staged a home in Connecticut that I must share. In 10 years of staging, this house is definitely in my top 5 favorite houses that I've seen. It was built in 1919 and has more character in the front door than most houses have in their whole footprint. So, when we got the opportunity to visit the home back in Jan., make renovation recommendations and then stage the home for sale, I was so excited. This is a bank owned home and currently on the market. I would buy this house in a New York minute if it were in my neck of the woods. Here's the story...

Before: The house is no doubt fabulous from the outside however, especially in the winter, it's important to create some color contrast and open the shades for a welcoming effect.

AFTER; The house was painted and the front door painted deep red.

Before: The entry was dark but the dark brown contrast on the trim was great, so we kept that and had the walls painted a gray color instead of brown. 


Can we discuss this original dutch door!! 
What a major feature to highlight in the real estate photos!

(I can't even deal!)

Before: This yellow wall color is dated and the furniture is not good.

After: Simple staging and neutral wall color,

Before: Dated bedroom. And also, notice the wall color stops at the top of the window line. 

When you have a ceiling pitch like this, paint it all the way up to the ceiling.

After: The gray color, painted to the top of the pitch, makes the ceiling look higher and the room look bigger. 

Before: The kitchen caused some debate between myself and the (bank hired)contractor. 
I thought the "before" was workable. As a professional stager, my recommendation is based on a "spend the least amount of money to get the greatest return" mentality .  It's all in the merchandising.

My recommendation: Save those white quartz counters. Keep the brass knobs because brass is back.  Switch out the stove and oven.

Change the lighting to something like this with some aged brass elements:

I thought the bookcase and the slate floors were fine..

Could be staged like this with a round zinc or gate leg table, accessorized with cloches and orchid:

via Pinterest

However, I was over ruled and they decided to do an entire reno.


I would be curious to know if the house would have sold without renovating the kitchen but, we'll never really know. Maybe when the house sells, the new homeowner will share what they loved about the house and we can get some insight on the features they love most.

So anyway, the master bathroom needed to be reconfigured for a double sink.


The original faucets were saved!! YES!

The other bathroom AFTER:

The walls were painted gray and the original lighting was saved.

This house is so fabulous.

The house is listed for sale by New England Realty Associates in CT

Here is the old listing

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