Friday, December 7, 2012

What Home Buyers Want in 2013

If your plans are to ring in the new year with buying a home, chances are you've got a couple of "must-haves" on your shopping list. Our Builder friends, Home Sellers and Real Estate Agents are dying to know the latest  "hot buttons" for the 2013 home buyer. We see a lot houses up here in the Northeast and every time we stage a house that sells, a home buyer is born. 
We've got the scoop on what they're looking for!

(especially in the kitchen!)
In 2012, the National Kitchen and Bath Assoc. revealed that the "traditional" kitchen fell out of the top spot and a modern movement was trending in kitchen design. We see this with all areas in the home. 
Keeping in mind, there is a tipping point. 
Appealing to a large audience when selling means finding a balance between  
"a little bit country, and a little bit rock-n-roll."

This does not mean a professional,"I work from home" office, although
 there may be a need for that too, this is the household:
  • Homework Hole
  • IT Department
  • Check Facebook status
  • Mini DIY Starbucks 
via houzz
I know we've heard this before however, it seems that these "outdoor" spaces are taking on a new vibe for 2013.  The big outdoor kitchen took a turn in the "trendy" direction while the "outdoor living room" seems to be getting more than comfortable, not only sticking around, but changing the way homes are designed.
In the North East, no one demonstrates this better than The Green Company in Plymouth, MA.
If you are building a house, you MUST visit Greengate at Pinehills, it's so worth your time!
Here is a floorplan at Greengate that gets it right! Right sized and right designed for 2013's buyer.

Merging the in and out possibilities:

The days of "builder basic" lighting is over and our clients either go willingly or we tackle them to the floor and make them cry uncle until submission. (kind of ;)
WHY is it important? Because it's a way to get a HUGE bang for your buck.
Our favorite store? West Elm
We suggest West Elm lighting somewhere in the house for every model home we design. It looks expensive and can translate into any style of home. We put this W.E.turned pendant light in a recent model home. 

Here's the Capiz Pendant via Decor Pad. Seriously, it can hang with the big boys. From The Hamptons to Paris, find us a room and we can find you a light from West Elm that looks great. ;)

Another fave for a large foyer is the Troy Maidstone 6 light.

From reclaimed wood to cork, our floors are getting attention in 2013. And although everyone may not be able to afford a stunning, chevron patterned, wood floor, it looks like 
carpet may be taking a vacation in 2013.

Builders and homeowners struggle with this because flooring can add quite an increase to the budget however, knowing what is relevant to the home's price point is key. If your home is listed at $1M or higher, you should pay attention to what's underneath your potential buyer's feet. 
Those Loubes like upgraded flooring.
For the rest of us, there are some really great alternatives. If you can get your hands on the reclaimed wood look- go for it!
The hand- planed look is happening and the darker, the better.

And while you're at it- prepare for the ceiling to take it's place in the spotlight too. 

On a side note, the announcement of Pantone's color the year for 2013 has everyone buzzing. 

When you're selling your home it can be difficult to work in the latest trends without making it too personal and throwing off your buyer audience. Here are a few tips to get your emerald fix without going GREEN overboard.
Accessorize with color
 Camilla Molders

And if you absolutely must go there, take to a smaller room, like an office or a small bedroom. Keep a neutral backdrop and go for accents through window treatments and pillows. Just remember, you're moving, so think about how you're going to decorate your new home!

Camilla Molders

What are you doing to your house in 2013?


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  3. What an awesome post! I would have to say that you are totally on point with this one. In my opinion, all of the things you pointed out are really what potential home buyers are looking for. My favorite would have to be the office pocket room. I think most people would really want something like that in their home because it can not only be a place to work at home, but it can also be a place where you relax or what other calls their “own personal space.” Thanks for sharing. It's a great read.

    Chad Hovde @